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The medical experts at Harbs Pharmacy will help prepare you for a safe and healthy journey to as you head off to your intended destinations overseas. Our team of medical experts specialises in vaccines, travel health and preventable illnesses. You and your family will be advised on what vaccines and medical supply you’ll need, depending on what parts of the planet you’re planning on visiting. You’ll also get other tips to help you stay healthy until you return home. We’re located in the local area and can be reached through our booking form.

Be safe. Get vaccinated.

Alongside vaccinations, it’s important to have the right kit when going abroad to ensure that you are fully protected from possible illness or injury during your trip. We recommend that you purchase a first aid kit specifically designed for your destination, which will include specialist medication and equipment designed to prevent and treat illnesses common to the area that you are visiting. Kits such as these are available within our clinic shop. We also sell medical-grade insect repellent and mosquito nets.


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